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What is NewBioCity?

We are local biotech. We are pushing biotechnology to encompass diverse applications that impact life daily: Think novel foods, advanced materials, more effective medicines, and efforts to bring the benefits of biotechnology to everyone.

Our goal is to develop an ecosystem for biotechnology that reflects the multifaceted nature of New York City, engaging all of its unique resources, networks, and diverse communities. We believe a diverse biotech ecosystem holds the potential to create immense value for the city’s economic future.

New York City has the unparalleled position of pairing world-class academic centers, leading institutions in the worlds of art, fashion, finance, food, media, philanthropy, and technology with a rich set of biotechnology companies both established and emerging. No other city offers the breadth and depth of diversity offered by New York City.


  • Connect and grow the New York City biotech ecosystem

  • Promote the application and growth of biotechnology in the local New York City agricultural, consumer, environmental, industrial, and medical sectors

  • Increase access to affordable laboratory, biomanufacturing and office space for biotech companies in New York City

  • Create a hub and series of events to involve and engage the public on the benefits of biotechnology

  • Engage local and state agencies to proactively discuss and address regulatory and economic opportunities and concerns