Frequently Asked Questions


What is NewBioCity?

NewBioCity is an organization for people working on new biotechnology applications in New York City. We have come together to create a stronger, more diverse biotech ecosystem.


Who is NewBioCity?

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We build businesses that create jobs, products, tools, and services using biotechnology. Our businesses use biotechnology in the consumer, food, industrial, environmental, and service sectors. They hold the potential to bring back manufacturing jobs within the city and increase the value of existing industries.


What do you want?

NewBioCity aims to connect and grow the biotech ecosystem in NYC.
Near-term, we are focused on influencing the LifeSci NYC initiatives. We would like to see the $100 Million allocated by the City
to develop the NYC biotech ecosystem go toward affordable, interdisciplinary spaces focused on all applications of biotechnology.
We are excited the City is investing in the economic potential of biotechnology. We want to ensure the various applications have equal footing and highlight the diversity of their needs in infrastructure (e.g. lab space and facilities) and resources (e.g. funders and regulatory support).


Why is this Important?

Investing in infrastructure for all biotech applications creates less risk for the City and increases the potential economic benefits (e.g. job creation and retention; company formation and growth; additional tax revenue). We want to help the City “stack the deck” by ensuring its funds and resources support all forms of biotech.
There is already a growing group of startups and nonprofits pushing consumer biotech forward in NYC. Companies from traditional biotech hubs like San Francisco and Boston are looking to NYC for the interdisciplinary talent they need. For example, San Francisco-based spider silk manufacturer Bolt Threads acquired Brooklyn-based Best Made Company to expand their market reach.
At the same time, many start-ups in the consumer biotech space have not been able to stay in NYC due to lack of appropriate lab space. For example, bioleather manufacturer Modern Meadow moved its
manufacturing facilities from Brooklyn to New Jersey.

With the appropriate investment and guidance, the City can maintain its position as a leader of this fast-growing sector.

New York City is the ideal locale for new consumer biotech companies due to its collection of world-class industries and organizations in the arts, food, fashion, finance, media, philanthropy, and technology. Consumer biotech startups can uniquely interface and bring new value to these existing New York City sectors.